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A new trend for voice-based work is starting:

working in a recording studio
The voice actor’s experiences working in a recording studio give him an entirely different kind of “tingly” feeling. Admit it: When you’re listening to an audio recording, and the engineer, costly microphones, and high-tech equipment are all on the other side of a double-glass window, you feel goosebumps. It’s a ton of fun, but it...

The quality of your recording and playback equipment

recording software
You have the same responsibility for your microphone as you do for your software: An article about building a home studio appeared in the Voice of Herald earlier. Although we touched on some items in this post previously, we’ll be focusing on one of the “Starter Pack” items about the Voice Actor’s Home Studio. Just...

You are performing your script before recording, which is a must for voiceover artists.

Regardless of the saying “having a pleasant voice is not enough to land a voice acting job, nor is it sufficient to generate a solid demo,” having a wonderful voice is necessary for becoming a voice actor. People will interpret your statements based on what they hear from you on stage. Always take in mind...

Are you willing to put in the work necessary to succeed in voiceover work?

voice over artist
Even if the concept of a voiceover job is enticing, people must remember that they do not guarantee it to provide easy money, enjoyable work, or even the opportunity to voice famous characters or commercials. To begin with, it is not always beneficial to the customer. Few voiceover artists get to be famous character actors...

If you’re in the VO business, you need a tagline.

become a voice over
Remembering your brand is critical. Facebook will continue to be recognized only by seeing the white letter F with blue on the backdrop, whether it is 2011 or 2017. Aside from making a logo that will stick in clients’ minds, there is also the task of coming up with a slogan or brand statement to...