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General Questions

To register for an account on Voicescloud, you must be a human.

Voicescloud is an account service available to service buyers (businesses, startups, project managers, etc.) and service providers (full-time, part-time, or project-based freelancers).

I want to work with Voicescloud because they’ll get the job done.

Voicescloud joins employers (known as buyers) and professional service providers (also known as sellers) to perform a certain job or project. Buyers and sellers can communicate with one another on subjects such as price, timelines/deadlines, and project scope using our platform. To be confident that jobs done on the platform are legitimate, we give equal weight to the quality of our services.

What service buyers should know is how it works for them.

Buyers use the platform to post projects. Share specifics on the work (budget, duration, limitations, etc.). Upon submitting the post, buyers may see whether there are any interested sellers. After the customer finds a seller to work on the project, collaborating on the project is as simple as snapping fingers. Voicescloud – a secure online work environment where buyers and sellers can exchange messages, documents, and even publicly announce achievements to the world.

Is it feasible for service providers?

When you’re just starting as a freelance professional, make your profile. These things include employment qualifications, projects, and other pertinent information to help them in their application. An additional advantage of listing packages for clients who want to engage with you, in the long run, is that you may find long-term clients as a result. A buyer can see the items that a seller has listed on their profile. The higher the quality of content, the greater the probability of a sale.

I’m excited to work with Voicescloud as a buyer. Would it be possible to outsource the project to multiple freelancers?

You are permitted to request a job listing for more than one seller.

As a freelance writer, I’ve signed up for Voicescloud. Is it alright for me to be working on many projects on the platform simultaneously?

Certainly, on the other hand, freelancers might accept many contracts with different customers.

When selling my services on Voicescloud, what should I be prepared for?

You should prepare personal information such as your name, a summary of your job skills/work experience, the time you’ll dedicate to each assignment, and your fee expectations. Linking a portfolio to your profile might help consumers envision the kinds of work you’re capable of doing for them.

Would it be possible for a person to act as both a buyer and a seller on Voicescloud?

Certainly, don’t bother creating separate profiles. As a service buyer and seller, your login information is the same.

Am I going to get the help I need from Voicescloud?

If you have any questions, the Voicescloud support staff is ready to assist. If you have a problem, please use our support link, create a ticket, and we will assist you.

I had a horrible encounter on Voicescloud with a buyer/seller, which led to my departure from the service. How do I express my thoughts?

If you have an issue, you can email us at info (at), and we will try our best to fix it.

Would buyers and sellers be allowed to post a review of their transaction experience?

Sellers and buyers can both post reviews. By doing this, we’re expanding the platform so that it may be used by other buyers and sellers who are looking for new connections on Voicescloud.

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