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Latam Spanish Voice Over
Latam Spanish Voiceover specialized in large formats (E-learning, audiobooks, corporate narration, gaming), as well as in short formats (commercials, spots, radio). I record from my...
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Commercial - Spanish Mexico & LATAM
Commercial - Spanish Mexico & LATAM. I have more than 2 decades of experience as an Actress and VO Talent in advertising, dubbing and roles in movies, theater and TV series. And I also provide...
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Argentinian - LATAM voice talent
Hello! I am Solange. I live in Argentina and from my home studio I work doing dubbing and voiceovers for different channels such as Disney+, Discovery Channel, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, among...
fixed Rate
120.00 €
Spanish neutral and English with accent
Spanish neutral and English with accent. Very versatile voice for many different projects. Voice for commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, characters, dubbing, audiobooks… More than 20 years...
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Chilean and LATAM voice actor
Chilean and LATAM voice actor. Chilean and neutral voice-over talent with more than 8 years of experience. Versatile voice for advertising, narrations, dubbing, audiobooks, and much more to cover. I...
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Pro Spanish Neutral, Latin American Male VO
Manuel Ravelo VoiceOvers Giving you peace of mind while helping you connect with your audience. Brands such as Starbucks, TechnoServe, and The Fresh Grocer have put their trust in me. You too can...
fixed Rate
30.00 €
Warm and Clear Spanish Voice . No accent
Warm and Clear Spanish Voice . No accent. I'll perform your script in Spanish Latin American from Colombia. This is , almost no accent present ! I'll describe my voice as warm,mature, experimented,...
fixed Rate
10.00 €
Latam Spanish Voiceover for your 30s Spot
Latam Spanish Voiceover for your 30s Spot. 30 seconds voiceover for your commercial spot, corporate, training, etc. (Price is for raw audio. Editing and mastering have an extra fee) You will get...
fixed Rate
80.00 €
Latin American Spanish Voice Acting
Latin American Spanish Voice Acting. Hi there! With this job, you will get a professionally recorded voice in neutral Latin American Spanish for your character/s in projects such as: Animation Video...
fixed Rate
10.00 €
Latin American spanish Voiceover
Latin American spanish Voiceover. Do you need a voiceover in Spanish? Hi, I'm Karen, a professional voice recording announcer from Chile. My voice is neutral, warm and conversational. I will record...
fixed Rate
20.00 €
Native Spanish - Latin America (Neutral)
Versatile, Funny, Persuasive, Dramatic, Corporate, Genuine, Authoritative Bilingual Producer, Audio Engineer, Native Spanish VO, and English w/Spanish accent. I've produced 2500+ audio projects for...
fixed Rate
150.00 €
Spanish Latin voice over
Spanish Latin voice over. I have been a voiceover/voice actress for more than 25 years announcing the most important brands of mexico, United States and Latin America. i have worked with Radio...
fixed Rate
100.00 €
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