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English with South East European accent
English with South East European accent. I m Native Greek but i can Voiceover in English with south east Euroean accent I have 20 years of experience in Voiceover industry
fixed Rate
20.00 €
English Neutral voice over- IVR System
English Neutral voice over- IVR System. I can provide you with a voice over read for your IVR phone system. My voice is warm, confident, natural and conversational which will make your customers...
fixed Rate
80.00 €
International English Male Voice Over
International English Male Voice Over. I'll record the voice for your audiovisual content, in International English (i.e. English with an accent that doesn't remind of a specific region). Each job...
custom Rate
Neutral English Voiceover
Neutral English Voiceover. I will provide you with high quality mastered voiceover audio file in neutral English
fixed Rate
150.00 €
English Neutral Voice over
English Neutral Voice over. A professional voice over artist with a home studio I will provide you with clean and clear audio that has been edited and finalised. I have a warm, conversational and...
fixed Rate
100.00 €
American Documentaries
American Documentaries. These are some documentaries that I can voice over and to which I produce similar voice overs.
fixed Rate
65.00 €
English male voiceover
English male voiceover. Welcome to my voice over gig! If you're looking for your next English or Lithuanian male voice talent, you've found one. Let me tell you how voice narration goes: TV, Radio,...
fixed Rate
10.00 €
Professional African voice Over
Professional African voice Over. Hello! I am confident, I am the professional African English accent voice-over talent you need with nine years of serving local and global clients from my...
custom Rate
Indian English Voice over
Indian English Voice over. I have been doing Voiceovers for 6 years. I speak with a calm and sophisticated accent. Since I speak Hindi and Tamil, and have studied Sanskrith, I can pronounce most...
custom Rate