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My name is David and I’ve been a professional French voice actor since 2016.

I was born and grew up in the French alps and so my mother tongue is French (France). I learned English as a teenager and moved to Sweden when I was 20, so I also offer performances in International English (i.e. English without a clear accent from a certain region) along with English & Swedish with a French accent.
I then moved to Japan in March 2020 and started offering Japanese with a foreign accent, but only on small projects with just a few lines.

I usually work on the young adult/adult voice range but can also provide ageless weird or funny voices.My natural voice lies in the middle-low range and is perfect to inspire and create trust with a touch of warmth and accessibility. I can also take a higher pitch to sound more energetic, younger and friendly. Or a lower one to be more dramatic or intimate.

Past projects and customers include:
  • Video games ("Winked", "The Bass Game", "Simure Vikings", "Mole Miners", "Zombyte"...)
  • Films ("Lead Balloons")
  • Corporate & explainer videos (Danone, Oracle, the EU, Adobe, DELL, the UN, Total, Shell, Nokia, GE Healthcare...)
  • Tutorials & training videos (L'Oréal, KLM, BIPEA, Lidl...)
  • Radio/TV/Internet ads (Friskies, Hubspot, Mobile Vikings, AG2R La Mondiale, Lavazza, a song for Cernitol Novum...)
  • Documentaries ("Tango Chirimen", French version of "Inside the Tanks: the King Tiger" & "Hilleman - A Perilous Quest to Save the World's Children"...)
  • E-learning (Deloitte, BNP Paribas, GRT Gaz, Tag Heuer...)
  • VR training narration (Rademaker)
  • Podcasts ("The Art of Sleep")
  • Audio-guides (Grundfos Museum, Cocotte Food Tour...)
  • IVR (Habtic/The Factory, LGH - The Lifting Experts...)
  • Museum exhibitions (Mulhouse's Electropolis museum, Archives Nationales de Grenoble...)-
  • ...and more!

I’m looking forward to working on your project!


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International English Male Voice Over
International English Male Voice Over. I'll record the voice for your audiovisual content, in International English (i.e. English with an accent that doesn't remind of a specific region). Each job...
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Native French Male Voice Over
Native French Male Voice Over. I'll record the voice for your audiovisual content, in French from France. Each job is unique, so if you like my voice feel free to request a quote.To be able to reply...
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