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Canadian Voice Over – Vocal Dynamo!
Canadian Voice Over – Vocal Dynamo! Often heard as Rogers Group of Companies 'virtual receptionist', since 1996, Shelley has been the signature telephony voice for hundreds of large nationals as...
fixed Rate
150.00 €
Arabic voice over (Egyptian & modern standered)
hello my name is Alaa and i'am a freelancer voice over I do Arabic voice over and i'am also a narrator (audiobook&stories). so if you looking for a deep voice for your project you have reached...
custom Rate
American voice over veteran
Prompt, experienced, quality service at a fair rate.
fixed Rate
200.00 €
Italian and English voice over
I am Italian and I can record your audiobook or voice over both in Italian or English with a perfect accent. I have 3 audiobooks an Audible already with excellent rates and 2 are on their way. I...
Starting at
50.00 €
Chilean and LATAM voice actor
Chilean and LATAM voice actor. Chilean and neutral voice-over talent with more than 8 years of experience. Versatile voice for advertising, narrations, dubbing, audiobooks, and much more to cover. I...
custom Rate
Brazilian Voice Talent
Hey, how's it going?! I work mainly with the natural and talked voice. I have been part of campaigns for brands such as Sanofi Pasteur, Vick, among other customers. By working with my home studio,...
fixed Rate
60.00 €
Japanese male Voice Over
My name is Noboru Okamoto, and I would love to work with you. I have over 20 years of experience as a voice actor in Japan, and have done over 1000 jobs. I have been selected by Voquent as one of...
fixed Rate
300.00 €
French voice-over
Native Lebanese and French speaker who can do a neutral European French accent. I also provide basic translation of small texts: Arabic <> English Arabic<>French English<>French My...
custom Rate
Professional English Medical Reel
Professional English Medical Reel. Hi I'm Dale, your go-to Corporate english male voice artist based in the UK. Medical clients often describe my voice as deep, resonant, trustworthy and warm. Some...
fixed Rate
15.00 €
English Voice Over
I cover all English accents and Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents too. Also Australian English. I can usually turn jobs around in 24 hours or less.
custom Rate
German Voice-over
Gordian Arneth's voice impresses with its sympathy, presence and authenticity - and through his large repertoire of attitudes and emotions. During his work as a documentary film director, he has...
fixed Rate
80.00 €
Spanish Voice Over
Speaker with a deep, natural, warm and clear voice. Versatile in shades. Experience in all kinds of locutions
fixed Rate
85.00 €
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