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Voiceovers for companies
Voiceovers for companies. My voice can be present in various communication materials, such as: Advertising campaigns; Presentations of products and services; Employee training; and Foreign trade.
custom Rate
Voice Over Female English
Voice Over Female English. I will record voice overs for you, including narration, commercials, and character voices, then edit/master your voice files for you and deliver in mp3 or wave format.
custom Rate
American Voice Over
American Voice Over. I will provide voice over for your 30-second NON-broadcast commercial (internet, social media, internal, etc). I will provide editing and processing if desired in a WAV or MP3...
fixed Rate
125.00 €
Iraqi voice over
Iraqi voice over. Welcome dear customer I am a voiceover commentator with 7 years of experience in this field She worked as a broadcaster on local radio presenting programs and broadcasting news,...
fixed Rate
70.00 €
Neutral American Voiceover
Neutral American Voiceover. I am expressing my interest in voice-over projects. Although I do not have any professional experience in voice acting, I am extremely passionate about it and am willing...
fixed Rate
10.00 €
British Voiceover
British Voiceover. I will require a completed script for you ready to read. I can record and edit the script and clean and prepare the script. The finished recording can be on Wav or MP3 as...
custom Rate
British Voice Over
I will record the voice over for your project in a deep and resonant neutral English accent. The audio file will be delivered in HQ WAV or MP3 format.
fixed Rate
150.00 €
French voice-over
Whether you are an audiovisual communication agency, or an advertising campaign agency,  a marketing agency or an independent video maker producer, or a local or national radio station / TV...
custom Rate
Professional Voiceover in Hindi
Professional Voiceover in Hindi. Hello there This is shruti, your female voice artist. thanks for stopping across my profile.....this is more than enough for me, to be honest, I am a student and I...
custom Rate
Filipino Voice-over Artist
Filipino Voice-over Artist. High-quality voice-over delivered in Filipino - Tagalog, and Chavacano (Spanish Creole).
custom Rate
Professionally record voice over in Greek/English for many...
Professionally record a voice over in Greek impersonating lots of characters. I will be your voice for your commercial, voice acting, dubbing or whatever else you have in mind! I am Greek and I can...
custom Rate
Russian promo voiceover
Russian promo voiceover. Up-tempo Russian male promo voiceover, in this case, for a streaming channel of a top musical radio network
fixed Rate
25.00 €
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