eLearning, Educational and OnlineTraining Course Narration
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eLearning, Educational and OnlineTraining Course Narration.

I deliver expressive
and authoritative voiceovers in a neutral American accent for eLearning, training, and explainers. Commercial Rights are included.

My international
client list includes The Rainforest Alliance, Lean Factory Technologies, Grupo
Metelmex, Williams Pipelines, and more.

With  35 years of communications and voiceover
experience I know how to tell compelling stories that inform, educate, and
persuade  emotionally as well as

To prepare, I do the

  • Consult with you to fully
    understand and apply your directions,
  • Study your script in depth to
    determine how best to perform it,
  • Record your script in my
    professionally equipped studio,
  • Edit and master your voiceover
    to the highest standards of quality.

addition to narration, I also proofread, edit, and rewrite scripts, create slide decks, and convert
PowerPoint to video for uploading to your website.

When you need a trustworthy American
or Canadian accent, contact me.

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I specialize in expressive, authoritative voiceovers, accurate proofreading and exceptional copy editing and rewriting. My education and four decades of communications experience enable me to create compelling recordings, and documents that inform, educate, and persuade emotionally as well as intellectually. My international client list includes Samartitan's Purse, BP Energy, The Rainforest Alliance, Agrium, Inc., The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Grupo Metelmex, Williams Pipelines, and more. Latest audiobook: Daddyman's Flying Adventures by David W. Clinthorne.

Please include your full script for the voice over and inform me of any instructions you wish me to follow.
If English is not your first language, I strongly recommend the Proofreading extra to ensure that your script is formatted properly for your target audience.
I have 35 years of experience as a writer and editor.

When will you deliver my order?

I will deliver your order within 24 hours of receiving your approved script. Orders will usually take the entire 24 hours. Scripts over 1,000 words will take longer than a day. If you want your order FASTER, please purchase the "Super-fast Delivery" gig extra. This will put your order first in line.

Please explain Commercial Rights and Full Broadcast Rights.

Commercial rights, which are included in this offer, allow you to use the recording for any unpaid, business-related purposes. If you also intend to use it in paid marketing channels, you must purchase the Full Broadcast Rights extra.

What is your Revision Policy?

Any mistakes on my part will, of course, be corrected promptly at no extra charge. Major script revisions (30 words or more) above and beyond the revisions already included - or in script revisions required after delivery - will be subject to an additional charge.

Will you automatically fix grammar errors in the copy?

Usually, but not automatically. If you need me to repair copy, or suggest changes, I recommend you add the Script Proofreading gig extra, which adds a day to the order (otherwise, there's often not enough time to suggest changes and hear back from you before my 24-hour delivery commitment ends).

Do you offer a Directed Session?

If you have very specific ideas about how you want your voiceover project to sound, it's always easiest to get that sound by being present by Skype, Zoom, or telephone while the recording is being done to guide/direct the session. Always required if requesting more than two revisions.

Are theere any recordings you will not do?

I stay away from extremely coarse language, recreational drugs, sex, untruths, New Age, witchcraft, gambling, racial extremism, and adult-related content. If you are unsure, send me a script and I'll let you know. No cost or obligation.

Can you put background music in my voiceover?

Absolutely. Just add the Background Music extra to your order and add a note about what type of music you'd like me to choose. You may also send me an audio track of your choosing to add to the voiceover. (You still need to add the Background Music extra to the order).

Can you synchronize the voiceover to my video?

No problem. Just add the Timed Audio Sync extra to your order. I will synchronize the voice over to the time codes in your script and send you the audio that you can attach to your video.

Where are you located?

I am based in the Calgary area in the Canadian province of Alberta, just east of the Canadian Rockies. That’s in the Mountain Time Zone (UTC-7)

Mai I contact you while you are working on my voiceover?

Of course. Proper communication is essential to producing a great voiceover and also the hallmark of good customer care. I'm always available and look forward to discussing your needs. Please message me with directions about pronunciation, tone, or anything else you want me to know about your script.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I record in a Vocal Booth To Go booth using a Rode NT1-A microphone and Focusrite Solo interface. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 computer equipped with a StudioOne Artist digital audio workstation and iZotope RX 10 audio editor.

What about non-English, technical or medical terms?

In order to guarantee I give you the right read and pronunciation, you are responsible for supplying the pronunciation of difficult words at the inception of your order. A link to a YouTube video or Soundcloud clip will suffice.

Can I combine multiple scripts into a single order?

Each script, regardless of length, must be placed as a separate order. If you have more than one script, you can order a subscription to obtain a discounted rate after your first recording.

Do you charge by the word or by the hour?

Whichever is in the rights holder's best interest. For shorter scripts my charges are based on the number of words. For scripts over 10,000 words, I’ll send you a custom offer based on the number of finished hours of narration. Contact me if this applies to you.

What quality audio do you provide?

Your project will be recorded in my professional, sound proofed studio on a Rode NT1-A microphone. I provide "retail ready" audio-with breaths edited out, mastered to industry standard levels and delivered as an .mp3 or high quality WAV file unless otherwise requested.

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Job Quantity
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Job Quantity
10.00 €
27.00 € +
7.00 €
7.00 €
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