British/Scottish Male Voiceover
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British/Scottish Male Voiceover.

Hey, I'm Wahid. Proud Vocalist and Voice Over Artist from Central Scotland

My Scottish accent is well enunciated, calming, warm and of a neutral accent, not too thick.

I'm excited to record a custom Voice Over for your specific needs and help bring your project to life.

Whether it be a calm narration for one of your commercials, a consistent delivery with varied tonality for your audiobook, a character-driven recording to help drive home your message or anything in between.

I have a depth of experience speaking and recording audio. With consistent positive feedback on my voice and diverse ability for impersonations combined with my knowledge of music production and audio, I would be more than happy to work alongside you.

My recordings will be done using an LCT 440 PURE condenser microphone in my custom built, sound treated booth. Audio will be picked up via an XLR cable into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface and recorded into my digital audio workstation (FL Studio).

Please listen to my recorded demos, have a look at the FAQ's below and don't hesitate to ask any questions 🙂

I look forward to working together with you on your project!



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Hey, I'm Wahid, a Voice Over Artist, Narrator and Music Producer with a versatile skill set. I have expertise in Sound/Audio Design, Voice Over recording (Scottish/British) and Music Production. I can deliver Voice Overs with well eneunciated speech, a variety of tones and for various different purposes. Delivery is fast and high quality. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I love a creative challenge to add to my portfolio, thank you. Wahid.

How Will The Voice-Over Be Recorded?

I will record it in my custom built sound treated booth using a professional microphone (LCT 440 PURE). The audio will be recorded into my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation software) where I will then put the finishing touches to the recording plus any extras you may request.

Do You Take Custom Orders?

Yes I do. I would encourage this regardless as it allows me to get the full picture of what you require and more direction from you means a more accurate voice over for your project.

Can You Do Different Accents?

Depends on the accent! Most English accents I can learn and do pretty fast, same with American. Any accent really it depends on my time of exposure to the accent. Just let me know what you're looking for and I'll see what I can do!

What Styles Do You Work In?

Really I can work in any style that is required for the project. My strong suits would be calm and well-pronounced voice overs for things such as nature documentaries, outdoor commercials, recordings steeped with deep cultural history and travel-based recordings.

Can You Apply Any Effects or Processing To Your Recording?

I can certainly add this onto your package and we can discuss what kind of edits you would require. Whether it be distortion, creating distance, repetition in chosen areas, or highlighting of chosen areas for a desired effect, all things we can look into 🙂

What Add Ons Do You Offer?

I offer : - Extra Fast Delivery - Proofreading of Your Script - Option To Purchase Full Broadcasting Rights - Files Split (For Different Sections for e.g) - Additional Revisions - Background Music (provided by you or sourced myself)

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Job Quantity
30.00 €
15.00 € +
10.00 € +
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Job Quantity
30.00 €
Job Quantity
30.00 €
15.00 € +
10.00 € +
5.00 € +
20.00 € +
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