25 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

25 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

25 Second Commercial Copy Scripts
25 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

25 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

1. Product: Coffee Shop

Narrator: (Energetic) “Wake up and smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee at Joe’s Java! Our beans are roasted to perfection, delivering that rich, bold flavor you crave. From lattes to cappuccinos, we’ve got your caffeine fix covered. Visit Joe’s Java today and let your taste buds dance!”

2. Product: Fitness Tracker

Narrator: (Motivating) “Get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level with FitTrack! Our smart fitness tracker monitors your progress, heart rate, and even sleep patterns. Stay motivated and crush your goals. Discover the power of FitTrack and transform the way you conquer your day!”

3. Product: Travel Agency

Narrator: (Exciting) “Dreaming of your next adventure? Let Globetrotter Travel be your guide! From exotic beaches to ancient ruins, we curate unforgettable experiences that match your wanderlust. Say yes to new horizons with Globetrotter Travel. Your journey starts here!”

4. Product: Organic Skincare

Narrator: (Gentle) “Radiate natural beauty with PureGlow Organics. Our skincare line is made with love and natural ingredients that nourish your skin. Experience the glow that comes from within. Choose PureGlow Organics and embrace your authentic beauty.”

5. Product: Online Learning Platform

Narrator: (Engaging) “Unlock your potential with LearnLink Academy! Our online courses empower you to learn at your own pace, from coding to culinary arts. Ignite your passion and master new skills with LearnLink Academy. Your future starts now!”

6. Product: Home Security System

Narrator: (Reassuring) “Protect what matters most with GuardianSecure. Our state-of-the-art home security system offers 24/7 monitoring, smart alerts, and peace of mind. Your safety is our priority. Choose GuardianSecure and make your home a haven.”

7. Product: Meal Kit Delivery

Narrator: (Delicious) “Turn mealtime into an adventure with TasteBud Delights! Our meal kits deliver fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to your doorstep. Say goodbye to boring dinners and hello to culinary creativity. TasteBud Delights—where every bite is a masterpiece.”

8. Product: Pet Adoption Center

Narrator: (Heartwarming) “Find your furry friend at Paws Haven. Our shelter is home to loving pets in search of their forever families. Open your heart and adopt a loyal companion today. Experience the joy of unconditional love with Paws Haven.”

9. Product: Electric Car

Narrator: (Futuristic) “Embrace the future of transportation with EcoDrive Electric. Our cutting-edge electric cars offer zero emissions and incredible performance. Join the revolution and drive with purpose. EcoDrive Electric—driving innovation, one electric mile at a time.”

10. Product: Home Decor Store

Narrator: (Charming) “Transform your space into a masterpiece with ChicLiving Decor. From elegant furniture to artistic accents, we have everything you need to express your style. Elevate your living with ChicLiving Decor and turn your house into a charming home.”

Remember to adjust the tone and style of the narration to match the product and target audience for the commercial.


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