Gvaa Rate Guide

GVAA Rate Guide

Gvaa Rate Guide
Gvaa Rate Guide

GVAA Rate Guide

As of our last update, the Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) provided a comprehensive rate guide that offered suggested minimum rates for various types of voiceover projects. Please note that rates can vary depending on factors like project scope, usage rights, experience level, and the specific client’s budget. The GVAA rate guide serves as a reference for industry-standard minimums. Here are some examples of their suggested rates:

  1. Commercials:
  • Local Radio: $150 to $350 per spot
    • Local TV: $200 to $500 per spot
    • Regional Radio: $300 to $750 per spot
    • Regional TV: $400 to $1,000 per spot
    • National Radio and TV: $750 to $2,500+ per spot
  • Corporate/E-Learning:
  • Corporate Narration (non-broadcast): $200 to $400 per hour
    • E-Learning Module (non-broadcast): $150 to $400 per finished hour
  • Explainer Videos:
  • Short (up to 90 seconds): $150 to $350 per video
    • Medium (90 seconds to 3 minutes): $250 to $500 per video
    • Long (over 3 minutes): $350 to $750 per video
  • Audiobooks:
  • Royalty Share: Varies (based on sales)
    • Pay Per Finished Hour (PFH): $100 to $400 per finished hour
  • Video Games:
  • Indie Games: $100 to $400 per hour
    • AAA Games: $250 to $1,000+ per hour
  • IVR and On-Hold Messages:
  • Phone System Greeting: $100 to $300 per prompt
    • On-Hold Messages: $150 to $350 per hour
  • Animation and Character Work:
  • Animation (non-broadcast): $100 to $400 per hour
    • Animation (broadcast): $300 to $1,000+ per hour

Please keep in mind that these are suggested minimum rates, and experienced voice actors may charge higher fees based on their expertise and demand. Additionally, some projects may offer usage fees or residuals, which can affect the overall compensation. As a voice actor, it’s essential to understand your value, negotiate fairly, and be aware of industry trends and rates in your specific market.


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