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If you’re in the VO business you need a tagline

If you’re in the VO business you need a tagline.
Remembering your brand is critical. Facebook will continue to be recognized only by seeing the white letter F with blue on the backdrop, whether it is 2011 or 2017. Aside from making a logo that will stick in clients’ minds, there is also the task of coming up with a slogan or brand statement to convey what your firm is all about.
A tagline is a short, powerful slogan.
A tagline is a catchphrase that conveys the purpose of your business or service. Taglines are usually one-liners. Your tagline should be able to articulate your brand identity, your product or service offerings, and what your customers will experience by utilizing your website.
A tagline is much more difficult to create than just stating, “New York’s Number One Voice Actor” or “Your Professional Voice Actor” or “Today’s Voice.” To begin with, taglines are noteworthy due to their originality. In addition, taglines should be believable, applicable, and most important of all, they should be innovative.
A slogan can assist my voice-over business in several ways.
A tagline is useful for more than just a branding mechanism. It might be of huge benefit to your companies in many different ways.
A tagline can give consumers prior knowledge about the firm, allowing them to skip right to a description of what the company does without needing to read everything on their ‘About’ page.
A second benefit is that it enables the business to communicate its mission, how it differs from others, and its other aspects. Any marketing feature that can draw your website’s voice out from the rest of the crowd would be quite helpful.
Finally, your company’s slogan might help to instil an “esprit de corps” (sense of togetherness) among your staff. It might be a way to foster teamwork and promote cooperation within your company.
How do I start a voice-over business using my tagline?
To help you craft a memorable slogan for your voice-over business, here are five suggestions.
Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.
A tagline’s role is not exhausted by simply portraying your brand or becoming your company’s image. You should also be able to connect with your clientele via your tagline. Focus on what ties your clients to your business while designing a tagline. While it is important to consider the service you provide, you must also consider the outcome and emotion you want your clients to experience. You are not the issue here. You would use your tagline, for example, to describe your offerings.
Make it concise but communicate it.
Memorable taglines are those that tell the reader all they need to know. With shorter taglines, you can recall and use them. Marketing taglines can serve to connect a service provider and its customers. An easy-to-understand catchphrase will help any website or business get noticed. Don’t make phrases by stringing together adjectives, as this is ineffectual and devoid of meaning. Think outside the box, but remember that your brand should be genuine. Taglines represent your business, so avoid overpromising.
sticky taglines such as “Just do it!” “The happiest place on earth” and “Think different” are both significant phrases in a single sentence, correct? You won’t recognize the brand names behind these taglines, but they will motivate you to get in touch with them nevertheless.
First and foremost, get support. It would help if you involved everyone in your firm.
A good way to develop creative ideas is to sit down and brainstorm by yourself or with your team. Remember to consider your unique selling proposition (USP) and consider how your clients will benefit and what outcomes they will experience after working with you.
To get an emotional response, come up with as many words as you can that can do so.
In no way does this have to be limited to simple sentences. Phrases and sentences are fine, too. A great place to begin is obtaining a quick summary of your company’s mission, vision, and core values. The words or phrases that impacted your colleagues the most should be sought out.
Once you have a list, you can pare it down even further. As you look through your list, you’ll be able to identify 3 to 5 taglines that you could use. Even though everything around you feels and looks the same, there is nothing wrong with consulting a professional, like a copywriter, when you believe the time is right to begin creating your tagline.
Before settling on a tagline, be sure to spread the word about your taglines with your family and friends. Though they prefer to agree to anything you ask, you can learn a lot by asking them to give specific examples or asking them questions that lead to more informed answers. Do they understand what you’re saying? Is it in line with your brand identity? Can it be explained sensibly? Will they remember it? Were they intrigued by the business? Another way to go about this is to ask them for recommendations.
Start with the nearest and most loyal clients and ask how they would react. Congratulations if they react positively. Your voice-over business could have found the right tagline. Hurray!

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