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4. Post a job like a package

The comprehensive system built into Voicescloud allows you to submit single jobs and entire packages of jobs and services. You may learn more about it by reading this tutorial.

How to get started
Step 1

To log into your Voicescloud account, please sign in.

Step 2

To access your Account menu, hover your mouse cursor over your Profile Name, the username, on the upper-right side of the page.

Step 3

It will present you with the User Menu dropdown list, and, next to “Jobs,” there is an arrow pointing to the right.

Step 4

Once you click the arrow, you will be brought to the “Post New Job” screen when you have clicked the “Post New” link.

Step 5

Write “Job” in the “Title” section. Finally, enter the price, pick the pricing type, and click the arrow next to the price field.

Know what kind of position you’re applying for and make it stick out.

Step 6

You should select the “Package” pricing type in the price type selection.

Choosing “Package” as a price type is critical since it disables package pricing and layout unless the other price type is selected.

Step 7

Conduct a job search according to the Job Category you have selected (e.g., American Voices) and after that, search within the Job Category’s subclass (e.g., American Voice Over in subcategories).

When you initially select the Job Category, the Job Subcategory will show.

Step 8

Then, enter important information about the Job into the Job Description tag.

The Job Description must be as extensive as possible so that the purchasers will know if it is a good fit for their needs. Tag words are keyword-related terms associated with your career.

Step 9

Next, enter the package name in the Package Name box, and then write an explanation of the packages you are offering in the Package Description area.

The package description should be as complete as possible so that customers may make informed purchasing decisions.

Step 10

To complete this section, change the Package delivery time and insert your preferred package pricing. You can click the Add New Custom Field button, type your label for the new field, and choose the checkbox beneath each package if the feature is accessible or not. To advance to the next stage, click on the “Buyer Information” button.

If you would like to show additional features of each bundle, you can include as many custom fields as needed.

Step 11

Choose the “Max Days to Ship” from the menu, then fill out the “Instructions to Buyer” and after that, click the “Media” button.

The Instructions to Buyer helps you to communicate with your buyer. The maximum duration of a shipment deadline is known as Max Days to Deliver. When making a purchase, be aware that late delivery may cause your reservations to be canceled or negatively affect your reputation.

Step 12

When you enter the “Media” area, you can begin uploading images and audio assets about the Job. Now that you’ve done that, please click on the “Extra” option to proceed.

To help promote your job, make sure the media files you publish are of the highest quality.

Step 13

To add extra services to your job, click the “Extra” window, then click the “Numerous” box, which will allow you to purchase multiple units of this service. Additional services can be specified as well as pricing and delivery deadlines. After you’ve done that, you will be prompted to press the “Publish” button, which will save your Job for you. Congratulations!

If you check the “Extra Fast Delivery” and “Additional Revision” boxes, you can add further applicable services to the job. But you can fill in a description of the additional service by checking the “Extra” option. Figure out which choice will work. After making any changes, make sure to click on the “Publish” button.

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