Distinct American English Voice Over
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Distinct American English Voice Over.

Want your message to cut through the noise? Look no further. Anne's voice stands out in a crowd, even when sounding like she's just your best friend sharing good news over a cup of coffee.
Need to make long, boring material come alive? Anne can do that too!
Looking for someone to relate to a very specific audience? With a variety of voice-over acting tools in her tool belt, plus almost ten years in the business, you can feel confident that Anne will get the job done.
Maybe it's just selling some cars? Oh yeah. That's a ton of fun too! Let's get to work.

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What I need to know:
The audience
How long the audio will be used for (if indefinite, there will be an added fee)
What mediums the audio will be played on
What feeling we're trying to ultimately get across

Are you available for live recording sessions?

Yes! I can take live direction via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and I also have Source Connect

I have a small budget, do you have wiggle room?

Yes and no. This would depend on whether there is volume work that is ongoing and other factors. In general, I don't take any jobs for less than $100USD.

Do you record audiobooks or anything long form?

No. I specialize in commercials and promos. I will do corporate projects that are considered 'long,' or 'ongoing' but nothing that takes more than a full day or two's time.

What equipment do you have?

I have a home studio that has treated me well for over 9 years that includes a Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone attached to a UA Apollo Twin X audio interface and I do all my editing on an iMac with ProTools10.

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