Formally trained with experienced Voice Actors with a decorated background of diverse and rich Voice Over acting roles. And bringing forth enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and a true passion for acting. Able to respond with real behavior to imaginary stimuli, and collaborate with over Voice Actors to create powerful and riveting projects. Offering vocal techniques that are flexible and colorful, as well as the ability to speak English.



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Bernardcampbell1977's Jobs

8196British/Indian Voice Over Storytelling 8196British/Indian Voice Over Storytelling
British/Indian Voice Over Storytelling
fixed Rate 200.00 EUR
8206British/Indian VoiceOver Internet/Website Ad 8206British/Indian VoiceOver Internet/Website Ad
British/Indian VoiceOver Internet/Website Ad
fixed Rate 100.00 EUR
8186British/Indian Voice Over Trailers 8186British/Indian Voice Over Trailers
British/Indian Voice Over Trailers
fixed Rate 200.00 EUR
7023British/Indian Voice Over Commercials 7023British/Indian Voice Over Commercials
British/Indian Voice Over Commercials
fixed Rate 200.00 EUR
5253British/Indian Voice Over Narrations 5253British/Indian Voice Over Narrations
British/Indian Voice Over Narrations
fixed Rate 100.00 EUR