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Hi, my name is Chelsey, better known as Chelsey Bell, Chel Bell for short, and I'm a native English speaking VO actor. I work (and play) from my home studio in Houston, TX. I've been professionally trained in commercial and narration voiceover and can deliver a soft and smooth tone that works well for sensible, informational reads, but can also be upbeat and perky to keep your audience engaged. Either way, you'll get a voice that's as clear as a bell, and I could even add a southern drawl if the project calls for it.I'm sure you could use my services as a voiceover, you just didn't know it til now! ;-)Take a listen to my demos and if you like what you hear, just get in touch.Chel Bell


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Warm American Friendly Narrative Voiceover
Warm American Friendly Narrative Voiceover. I'd love to be your voice! I'll deliver a high quality narration for your project, just contact me with all the details and we'll make magic! Operating...
custom Rate
Upbeat American Informative Commercial Voice Over
For up to a 90 sec spot... I will record your commercial from my professional home studio, using an AudioTechnica 2020 mic and Audiobox USB96 interface, that will give you a clear, crisp sound ready...
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