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JasonF. (Jason Fella Voice-Over Services)
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I have been doing a variety of voice-over work for the past 10 years, including:

*Learning materials for students of English

*Podcast/audio dramas

*Medical narration

*Business videos


*Audio books

I think my combination of articulate, professional and warm voice will give your project an inviting, distinct tone. I work in an isolation booth and use one of the industry-standard mics, the Neumann TLM-103, so you'll be sure to get crisp, polished audio.

I can provide the audio in any format you request, and I can provide the raw audio and/or the polished audio, whichever you'd like. 

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JasonF.'s Jobs

Video narration or documentary voice-over
Video narration or documentary voice-over. I can provide you with an articulate, warm, professional sounding narration for things like documentaries, explainer videos, etc. Since the size of the...
custom Rate
TV/radio/web promo or commercial
TV/radio/web promo or commercial. I can provide an engaging, warm, friendly, punchy, dramatic promo for a commercial, web-series or product, whatever flavor you're looking for.
fixed Rate
150.00 €
Medical Narration American Voice-Over
Medical Narration American Voice-Over. I can do a medical narration for you in American English. I have specific training in anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology, so you can be sure you're...
fixed Rate
100.00 €

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