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RussWoodVO (Russ Wood Voice Over)

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Vibrant delivery from Deep South to American General. I take each project to heart and have a vested interest in delivering impact oriented results for my client.

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RussWoodVO's Jobs

American Commercial Voice Over, Humor
I will provide you with a :30 or :60 fast paced and fun delivery of your message.
custom Rate
American Senior Voice Over
Senior American Voice Over detailing issues on climate change. Contemplative, somber, informative delivery.
custom Rate
American Humorous Voiceover
A demonstration of an imaginary conversation with fairytale character "Humpty Dumpty" encouraging him to pull himself together.
custom Rate
American Voice Over, Southern
I will produce your selling message in a deep southern drawl ranging from Cajun flavored to the Carolina Low Country.
fixed Rate
65.00 €
American Comical Characters Voice Over
I will help you create a funny, character driven message for your project.
custom Rate
American Voice Over, Informative delivery
I will deliver your message in a compassionate, informative way.
custom Rate
American Voice Over, Southern Accent
I will provide you with a Deep Southern or Western style vocal delivery.
custom Rate

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