20 years Experience, my versatile, warm and friendly voice has the ability to sound young, funky and vibrant to mature, elegant and classy. Delivering any style read required, corporate, soft sells and gutsy hard sell ad reads, to more casual, conversational, down to earth, natural reads.
I offer fast record turn around and work from a professional studio, plus I'm an audio producer. I voice all projects. Hope to voice for you soon!



Voice Acting, Voice Over Artist, Copy Writer and Audio Producer 0


David Days School Of Radio
Broadcast Media Certificate,
Radio presenting, voice over artist, news presenter, commercial copy writer, audio producer,
Activities and Societies: Full-time Voice over Artist for agencies here and overseas.

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6520Fresh, Vibrant, Highly Experience VO Artist. 6520Fresh, Vibrant, Highly Experience VO Artist.
Fresh, Vibrant, Highly Experience VO Artist.
fixed Rate 100.00 EUR