Video narration or documentary voice-over
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Video narration or documentary voice-over.

I can provide you with an articulate, warm, professional sounding narration for things like documentaries, explainer videos, etc. Since the size of the project can vary greatly, along with the cost, I provide custom quotes based on a given job. So, don't hesitate to contact me and see if we can get something worked out.

I work in an isolation booth and use one of the industry-standard mics, the Neumann TLM-103, so you can be sure you'll get crisp, polished audio. I can provide you with the raw audio or the polished audio, whichever you like.

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I have been doing a variety of voice-over work for the past 10 years, including:

*Learning materials for students of English

*Podcast/audio dramas

*Medical narration

*Business videos


*Audio books

I think my combination of articulate, professional and warm voice will give your project an inviting, distinct tone. I work in an isolation booth and use one of the industry-standard mics, the Neumann TLM-103, so you'll be sure to get crisp, polished audio.

I can provide the audio in any format you request, and I can provide the raw audio and/or the polished audio, whichever you'd like. 

How long might it take you to get a project done?

Generally, for smaller projects of 1,000 words or less, I can get it done in 24 hours. For larger projects, that time will increase.

Can you add music or sound effects to your audio?

Absolutely. If the client has audio clips they want me to use, I can add those no problem. If they want me to find the audio clips, I can certainly do that, but that will add a little time and cost onto the project. I'm fully comfortable mixing music or other sounds in with the vocal, and making it sound clear and distinct.

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